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Webinar Recording: From Regulatory Compliance to Performance Management

Webinar Recording: From Regulatory Compliance Risk Management to Performance Management

Changing the value of risk management in the Australian Property Sector.

This free webinar, presented by Alf Esteban, Chief Executive Officer, Protecht, provides guidance, tips and techniques on how to convert legal regulatory compliance into performance management through the application of enterprise risk management.                                                                                      


In a recent survey of the real estate development sector, almost 90% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that legal risks, including health and safety risks, were effectively being managed. However, the same survey found that almost two thirds of respondents had no or minimal clearly defined policies and procedures for monitoring risks, and over 70% had no formal reporting systems in place.

While there is a clear perception from within the sector that legal risks are well managed, the number of incidents resulting in claims continues to rise, and risk management is not seen to be anything more than a hindrance to business.

This webinar looks at the role of risk management within the sector and how it can be used to move thinking away from regulatory compliance risk management to enhancing performance of the organisation.

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