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A Practical guide to Compliance and Compliance Risk Management:

  • We live in a world of rules. Compliance with those rules is critical, not only to protect your organisation from regulatory actions, fines and reputation damage but also because it’s the right thing to do to protect our stakeholders from risk we bring to them.

  • However, managing compliance is a formidable task for most organisations due to the sheer quantity of compliance requirements.

  • This guide is aimed at providing you with a practical overview of such a process and assist you in better managing your compliance obligations across your business.

What you will learn:


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  • What is Compliance and Compliance Risk Management?
  • Identify the sources of  compliance requirements

  • Understand compliance requirements, and                     determine related obligations

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  • Creating and rating obligations
  • Other information and links to the obligation

  • Keeping the obligation register up to date

  • Establish processes, procedures and policies that allow compliance

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  • Carry out compliance functions. Practical Checklist
  • Reporting in relation to the obligation register

  • Compliance Risk Management

  • Compliance Monitoring Plans


About the writer

This eBook is written by David Tattam, a renowned Risk Management expert who has trained over 20,000 Risk and Compliance professionals, company directors, senior managers and front line staff globally.